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Success Stories

Mark Flammer

“Dr. Spiegel, whom I've known for 15 years, is well-known in the community for donating his medical services for treating the servicemen and women injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. I support the efforts of Dr. Spiegel and the Healing Heroes Network in the hopes that all of our veterans receive the care they have earned and deserve.”

-Mark Flammer
Owner/VP Flammer Ford

Christina M. Coonce

“When I experienced a stroke in 2007, I was profoundly grateful that my doctor referred me to Dr. Allan Spiegel for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Because of that, I am living a normal life today. I have the greatest regard for Dr. Spiegel's courageous and selfless efforts to help our wounded veterans, and encourage other medical professionals to join the Healing Heroes Network. Hyperbaric Therapy could make a tremendous difference for those who have sacrificed so much for the cause of freedom.”

-Christina M. Coonce
V.P. TCT Ministries

Brian Zeigler

“It has been my pleasure to see first-hand the outstanding work of Dr. and Mrs. Spiegel with the Healing Heroes Network. In a time of declining selflessness, we need to acknowledge those physicians who have gone outside their regular practice to help our valiant soldiers that have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Our soldiers deserve nothing less than the best treatment available. If we can offer solutions to improve the physical and mental sacrifices that they have made, we should put our financial resources toward it. Healing Heroes Network, with its Hyperbaric therapy, is a program that all should support. To see the improvements in cognition and day-to-day functions in its patients is a testament to the effectiveness of the Healing Heroes program. We wish for the continuing success of the Healing Heroes Network and for the improvements that its patients are making.

-Brian Zeigler
Service Director, Veterans Ford

SSgt. Zachariah C.

“I just wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude towards [your] organization. I myself am a wounded veteran. I am currently on terminal leave waiting for my retirement date. I suffered a spinal cord injury back in 2005 in Baghdad, Iraq. I have since gone through much therapy and four back surgeries. I just want to thank you all for what you do to take care of those of us who are still recovering, even after medical discharge. The things we need on a daily/weekly basis can add up financially. With being retired at the age of 25 with my first child on the way it's not always in our budget for me to go to acupuncture or to get a massage. So, thank you again very much from myself and my family, and I'm sure our military is thankful for the people of your kind as well.”

-SSgt. Zachariah C.
US Army, Retired

“The treatment for various brain injuries has always included a great amount of therapy, and a great amount of time. Through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), I've seen healing in people that otherwise would've been disabled the rest of their lives. Needless to say, that's given them a far better quality of life. My hope is that everyone has the opportunity to heal through HBOT. Dr. Spiegel and everyone at Healing Heroes Network is working to make that hope a reality.”

-Veteran Wife, E.H.

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