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Healing Heroes

Healing Heroes Network's primary purpose is to provide financial assistance for a wide variety of quality treatment and therapy services to military personnel, injured in the line of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan since 9/11/01.

Healing Heroes Network has a network of professionals to provide quality care for the soldiers who have been put on waiting lists or denied treatments at the VA. Healing Heroes Network knows that healing isn't an overnight process and can't be put off.


Welcome Home, Hero

Welcome Home, Hero Program aids in providing financial assistance to injured military personnel and their immediate families for basic needs, including but not limited to: food, shelter, and clothing.

Many veterans struggle with the transition from military to civilian life. Welcome Home, Hero helps to aid this transition by providing short-term financial assistance to military families of wounded heroes to meet their basic needs. 


Tablets for Heroes

The Tablets for Heroes Program provides tablet computers to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who have sustained Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and/or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while serving since September 11, 2001.

Symptoms associated with PTSD and TBI can include disorganization, forgetfulness, and disorientation. With the aid of a portable computer tablet, they would have constant access to an electronic schedule, cognitive assistance, and consistent access to various forms of wireless communications to stay in touch with family, caregivers, or doctors.


Call to Action

Healing Heroes Network would like to communicate a call to action on behalf of persons who might benefit from one of our programs: Healing Heroes, Welcome Home Hero, and Tablets for Heroes. Healing Heroes Network asks that those who are able, to take specific action in support of our program’s goals and primary purpose. Healing Heroes Network presents a call to action to persons that are able to contribute to our program’s goals by donating medical services, rehabilitation devices or therapies, volunteering at local veteran job training facilities, or assisting Healing Heroes Network in ways other than contributions, although contributions are greatly appreciated. A call to action may also be presented to service members or veterans who may benefit from Healing Heroes Networks programs and services.


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